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Client Testimonials


See what our clients have said about our real estate services...These are just a few if you would like more just ask. Thanks Scott and Wendy.

 Rating: 10


"Excellent and very hard working agents. I highly recommend their services.."

Sincerely, Jim and Shirley 
Rating: 10
"Wendy and Scott were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. We had what should have been a rough closing process (the house appraised under, Hurricane Irma hit, etc) but Wendy and Scott made the process quick and simple. Wendy has an extensive knowledge of the market and closing and Scott knows tons about houses and what to look for. Together they made a dream team that helped us to buy our dream house!"

Sincerely, David Maddock

Rating: 10
"We were very happy with working with Scott and Wendy. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. They both worked so hard to find the right property, get the information we needed to make a decision and get us through the closing. Would very highly recommend Wendy and Scott"
Sincerly, Ron and Pam McCall


Wendy, / knew u would be great from the time u

picked up the phone& jumped right in to

help me Thank you for giving us above

average service, u def stand out!!!!

Love, The Ramos familia - thanks!!


Working with Scott was fantastic! He was so professional and was able to answer every question I had. He made a very scary, overwhelming process totally painless.

Again, thanks so much!


"How lucky I was when I got the recommendation of getting Scott Pagano as my realtor for selling my previous home in Orlando FL! From the first conversation that I had with Scott I felt confortable with the information he was providing to me and liked the fact that he was a corteous and respectful person. I was looking for a person with experience in short sales since my house was in that situation and I really needed this process to go as smoothly as possible. Scott showed to be this person, very knowledgeable in the short sale process, keeping me informed at all times about what was happening with the house, the offers, and the bank. Something that really impressed me was the fact that Scott made all the negotiations with the bank on my behalf with very positive results. I did not have to use a lawyer to represent me, even though he was sincere with me and recommended me to get a lawyer for professional advise in this area; I trusted Scott and did not regret my decision at all. Once again Scott, thank you for all your hard work to make the selling of my house possible and with little pain to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott as a realtor agent.

Thanks, Julian De Francesco." 

 September 20, 2011

First of all, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us. Wendy Golding

assisted my family with a short sale of our home. Wendy made a very scary situation less stressful. I had

a ton of questions, even asking the same question several times. We all know how frustrating it is to be

asked the same question over and over. Wendy was always pleasant and very knowledgeable of the

short sale process. We ran into a small situation after the sale of our home and it had nothing to do

with Wendy, but I called Wendy for assistance anyway not knowing who to contact. Wendy

immediately called me back and worked with me to fix the situation. Wendy going the extra mile even

when it was not her problem will defiantly have me returning to her for future home transactions.

 Chakainia Adams

"I met Scott Pagano trough a friend of mine. I needed to sell my Townhome and was referred to him.
In addition to Scott's professionalism and expertise, he was very friendly and very informative with real estate information, terminology and process. It became immediately apparent that, unlike many other brokers, Scott is extremely service oriented, dedicated to helping his clients achieve their goals. His dedication along with his skill and experience were invaluable.  His guidance and advise  was dependable, accurate and through. Any service he could provide was readily available  for me at the slightest request. Scott's customer service skills were very attentive and he was very fast to return my calls in an expedient manner.
It was a pleasure to work with him and I highly recommend his services to anyone in the market for real estate or selling real estate. I am confident that any buyer or seller he represents will have a smooth, efficient and positive purchase or selling experience.
I would highly recommend Scott Pagano for all your Real Estate needs.
By the way, he has already assisted some of my other friends and my friends thank me all the time for referring them to Scott.
Scott, keep up the good work!!!! and Thank You for everything!!!!!
Edgar Segui
"Happy Client"

June 3, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Scott Pagano as a realtor. Throughout the entire process Scott was professional, conscientious, and motivated. I always felt as though I was his only client.

Initially we were uncertain of the asking price, but Scott diligently checked multiple sources to verify that our pricing was accurate and met my goal of short selling the property within a certain timeframe.

Scott is also very good at negotiating terms and conditions with the mortgage owners.

I recommend Scott Pgano to anyone who is looking for professional assistance regarding real estate in all its forms.


Gilberto Caicedo


To: Scott Pagano 
  Pagano Realtors   May 7, 2011 
From: Paul Bereswill 
  I want to take the time to thank you for all that you did in selling my house in Independence via a short sale. With the layoffs at my past employer and my health issues of the past year, my time is taken up with trying to get day assignment work and going to doctors. Living in NY with no free time and trying to sell the house in Florida had me worried. 
  A number of realty people told me a short sale was the only way to go for my situation and I am very happy that you were referred to me. From the very start you made me feel comfortable by explaining the process. Throughout the whole time, you consistently 
kept me informed whenever another form or information was needed by the mortgage company. Right away you had buyers looking over the property.  Your efforts made the whole procedure go quicker than I thought it might. 
  With the health and financial stress going on up here, I have to thank you again for putting my mind at ease and handling the short sale in 
an extremely professional manner. 
Best wishes, 
Paul Bereswill 

This is why you and Wendy always have clients coming back – I hope they APPRECIATE all that you do for them because no one fights for their clients like you guys do!!!  Berta

You did a fantastic job…I know it’s much more difficult on the selling side to get these deals done. I just have to keep my clients patient.
Cathy Paulsen

To: Wendy Golding


I can't tell you how relieved I am to have received the call that I got from you today regarding the sale of my

home in Orlando, Florida. You have worked extremely hard to accomplish this sale with the deadlines set

forth from my mortgage companies. My current situation is far from the norm and you made this experience

as painless as possible and for that I am grateful.

I am very impressed with your dedication to the sell of my home, especially under the short sale

circumstances. You were an absolute joy to work with and I appreciate all your hard work. You were very

responsive and I can't recall one instance over the past 9 months that I couldn't reach you. In addition, any

questions I had were answered right away. If you didn't know the answer, you found it immediately. Thank

you for being available and so attentive to my needs during this stressful time in my life.

If I am ever in a position to sell or purchase a home in the Central Florida area, you can be assured that you

would be the first person I would call. Once again, thank you very much for your OUTSTANDING



G. Dudley Smith


Dear Principals:

This is an endorsement letter on behalf of Wendy Golding

and Scott Fagano of Asset One Realty, Inc.

We have been very fortunate to be clients of Asset One

Realty, Inc. for the past six months and we have

benefited tremendously from very professional and caring

service from them, throughout every aspect of our


They handled a very complex portfolio of issues which

we initially believed to be an essentially intractable

series of tasks. But they handled it with proficiency

and were supportive and reassuring throughout the

entire process.

We, without reservation or hesitation, recommend them

to others who may face similar or even more challenging


Yours very respectfully,

Jim and Theresa Glover

I cannot thank you enough! The email campaign worked and got the Promissory note dismissed and brought down to $0 out of pocket for her to close! After the negotiator shut me down again quite rudely, I got an approval letter the next day (all within 3 days of the campaign plea). I believe Freddiemac was the one who got it done, because Radian was not mentioned anywhere in the approval letter, and theirs was the only reply I got. 

I'm stunned and I've given all the credit to you for my client. I'm sure your business is doing very well and I wish you all the more success for being so willing to help and answer some random email from a stranger.
Rachael Babinchak, REALTOR, SFR, CSSN



I wanted to thank you for all your efforts and patience.You are the most professional and

courteous person that I have worked with.Thank you for helping me sell this property.I consider

you a friend as well.

Please pass this on to your future customers.You deserve the praise.


Scott J D'Antonio

Johnny Wilson


Reference Letter: Scott Pagano, Asset One Realty Inc.
Subject: Orlando Short Sales
To: Potential Clients
Within the last 12 months I have listed two Orlando area condo’s with Scott Pagano. Both condo’s were purchased in 2006 at considerably higher market prices and were listed s short sales due to the plummeting real estate market. The first listing was a distressed property in which the tenants had done considerable damage. The mortgage company was also very unresponsive and uncooperative. We received at least half a dozen offers until the bank finally responded with an acceptance.
Scott remained diligent through the process and continued to battle to sell the property. We ended up closing after a 10 month process. The second listed proceeded more quickly, but was not without its own challenges.
The short sale process is very difficult and challenging. I was fortunate enough to enlist the services of Scott Pagano as my realtor. Through Scott’s efforts I sold both properties and received release from future loan obligations. I found Scott to be very professional, detail oriented, and very persistent throughout the process.
Scott succeeded where many other realtors would have failed. I have recommended Scott services to family & friends looking to buy or sell real estate and he continues to produce exceptional results in a difficult market.
 Dominic Ruggiero
Satisfied Client

To Whom It May Concern:                   October 25 , 20 1 0

We truly appreciate all the hard work Scott Pagano had done to sell our condo in Orlando

Florida. My sister and I were ready to foreclose on our condo until I unexpectedly came

upon Scott's website. After reading his entries, it made me realize that doing a short sale

is a better way to go.

From the beginning of the process, we have encountered some or all challenges that you

can think of. We first received an offer within months after putting our condo in the

market but unfortunately my sister had to file bankruptcy which delayed the process for

about 5 months. The buyer ended up losing interest with the condo and decided to abort

the deal. This was very frustrating losing a buyer and I was starting to lose hopes but

Scott was confident and determined to find another buyer. His motto was never to give

up. Within a few weeks he had another buyer lined up. Great news for me until I found

out I had an HOA fees of $7000.00. The bank only offered to pay half of the money but

Scott was able to negotiate with the HOA to take the offer. Time was running out for me

(foreclose nearing down the date). As my concerns were building up, Scott assured me

that this process will go through. Fortunately at the last moment, ail the challenges were

resolved and we were able to proceed with the sell.

The exceptional service Scott provided should be commended and he can count on our

recommendation. He provided great advice and never gave up on me. I thank you Scott Pagano.

Thank you

Johnny Wilson


I cannot begin to adequately express my deep appreciation and gratitude for all that you have done during this process.  You have been the most professional and reliable realtor that I have ever dealt with. You were in constant communication with me and responded immediately to any inquiry we may have had.  You were always available and willing to complete any task. Selling a house is an overwhelming process in itself however when you have a great realtor who helps make that process seamless and as stress free as possible you find enjoyment in selling the house and moving forward with your life endeavors.  I Thank You tremendously from the bottom of my heart!
With warm regards,
Rhonda Norwood
Hello Wendy -

I am 100% satisfied with the help that you have provided to short sale
my condo. I am happy to recommend your expertise to other people and
best of all the quick and timely response provided to go through the
short sale process was very professional.

Norman Tyring


B. Harcourt Bethel

, Realtor, Charles Rutenberg Realty (business partner)
was with another company when working with you 
“Wendy has a unique and extraordinary passion for real estate and serving her clients. She also has a wonderful approach to networking and one we should all examine and learn from. She is a business minded, detail-oriented real estate professional who is extremely knowledge, and a real pleasure to work with. I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to do business with Wendy again and highly recommend her as a business professional to work with; she is always striving to do the best and going way above the call the duty to ensure fairness and honesty. “Wendy was a pleasure to work with and is always on top of her game. She was quick to respond with decisive actions that allowed for mutually beneficial gains. Her extensive knowledge of the Short Sale industry is strong from her years of experience.”” January 6, 2011